Green Tourism Policy

The Gallery has a Green Tourism ‘Gold’ Award



At The Gallery we want to ensure that our impact on the environment is kept to a minimum. As a symbol of our commitment we have joined the Green Tourism Business Scheme which provides accreditation and advice to tourism businesses. Our efforts have recently been rewarded by achieving a Gold Level in this scheme. By implementing as many sustainable practices as possible we hope to ensure the continual enjoyment of Yorkshire for generations to come.

Where possible we attempt to:

  • Reduce waste by recycling everything possible: glass, plastic, tins, cans, aluminium, paper, cardboard
  • Reuse and recycle household textiles and furniture by using free cycle websites and buying second hand
  • Monitor our energy and water usage by using low energy light bulbs, switching off lights, turning off stand by switches, turning off radiators when rooms are unoccupied, buying A rated appliances, encouraging our environmental policy for towels and bed linen and use of dual flush toilets
  • Use eco friendly cleaning products, recycled paper and bio degradable bin bags
  • Use local produce and suppliers for as many breakfast ingredients as possible
  • Use fair trade products where possible
  • Minimize food waste by asking guests to order preferences in advance of preparation
  • Encourage use of public transport with timetables and information available
  • Encourage walkers and cyclists with maps and books to borrow and cycle storage available
  • Encourage guests to use local shops, caf├ęs and restaurants
  • Support local businesses by selling preserves and art work
  • Encourage birds in the garden and provide information for guests
  • Minimize use of cars as far as possible by using local shops and businesses
  • Continually look at ways to improve our commitment to green issues

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